Saving Utility Infrastructure Costs for Client Companies

DTE Energy and Consumers Energy are long time MEDA members and contributors to Michigan’s economy.  Now we are taking it to a whole new level; we aren’t your grandfather’s utility companies any more!

Utility Infrastructure Costs

DTE Energy and Consumers Energy are offering an improved formula for cost sharing to build electric infrastructure for new or expanding businesses that are large energy users.  This is intended to lower the cost of electric infrastructure and stimulate our state’s economy.  The new formula applies to businesses with 1,000 kilowatts (kW) or greater of electric demand, that are willing to enter into service provider contracts with the utilities.

Pure Michigan Business Connect

The utilities committed early on to spend an additional $750 million on Michigan made goods and services.  They’re exceeding that goal and as a result, creating thousands of jobs in our state.


We need to hear from you at the beginning of your projects so that we assist with site selection, provide infrastructure maps, calculate rate options and offer energy efficiency options.

To make it easy to contact us, we’ve established new communication channels.  In addition to the team members listed on our websites, we’ve established central mailboxes and toll free numbers.
1.800. 331-9366

Contact us, we look forward to working with you to energize Michigan!

Authored By: Peggy Black, Principal Account Manger, DTE Energy

Black serves as a Member at Large on the Michigan Economic Developers Association Board of Directors. She was Vice President and President in 2011 and President in 2012.


2 thoughts on “Saving Utility Infrastructure Costs for Client Companies

  1. If MI is to become the next leader in the natural gas thru fracking! How do private land owners begin the process of supplying to your companies? How do we progress together? I’m also interested in creating wind and solar energy ? Does your company have a strategy or business plan that involves private land owners in MI?

  2. From Al Hooper, Consumers Energy: Regarding natural gas, extraction would be handled by a third party and then sold to us on the basis of a bid or contract. We do not buy natural gas directly from individual extraction points and land owners.

    For individual solar or wind projects, assuming this is small scale, we provide “net metering” whereby we essentially accept any excess electricity generated and credit it toward what might be delivered back to the customer a later time when they need electricity their wind or solar units are not able to provide. There are size restrictions for net metering and more details are available on the following page of our website:

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